Category: Actual work

Approach of the current pictorial work:

I want, by my work, to point out the inconsistencies of us humans, and the consistency of animal behavior.

But I do not want to give lessons, let alone judgments, or ready-made answers.

My wish is to bring the one who looks at my works to ask questions. Each work allows to ask at least 3 questions. Everyone has to answer according to their beliefs, their culture, their conscience.

Pink Flamingo – Oil on canvas 120 cm / 100 cm

Many women are ruining themselves to buy more and more famous brand of shoes with higher and higher heels. Some men are crazy, raising these extravagant shoes to the rank of fetishes. Yet they are only instruments of torture that

Chameleon Oil on canvas 120 cm / 100 cm

Why does this woman wear makeup? To go out? To seduce? The hematoma on his arm informs us. She made up her face with a thick makeup to hide the marks left by the blows. Once again, he apologized. Once

Pink whale – Oil on canvas 120 cm / 100 cm

The sea turtle is calling for help, facing the flood of plastics that are killing the seas and oceans. The ocean behind the turtle is empty of any form of life. Only the rocks, without corals, remain. On the surface,

Sphinx – Oil on canvas 120 cm / 100 cm

What is most shocking, a woman in a burka or a naked cat? This painting symbolizes the need of the human being to constrain. To constrain Nature, the environment, genes, women, etc. This work speaks more precisely the constraint undergone

Rolling dung – Oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm

The landscape of Italian Tuscany is arid, devoid of groves or majestic trees. All this because the human has torn up all that bothered him to be able to cultivate large plots of land, on which he has sprayed, for