Category: 2017 to 2018

Artistic approach from 2017 to 2018:

On all sides, people are rising to demand the protection of our environment.

But what is the environment?

The environment is air, water, soil, but also wildlife, and mainly this “invisible” fauna, insects (8 out of 10 animals are insects) fish, marine mammals, etc.

Of these we do not worry, except for a few minutes on the occasion of reports often soporific, or on posters for the children’s room or the walls of toilets.

My work is deeply ecological.

In this approach, I could have shown the waste produced by our consumer society and found on the beaches or stomachs of whales, to starve them. I could have shown the fumes of factories or those of cars, but it would once again put the human, the human activities, in the center of attention. Which, in my opinion, is an egocentric mistake.

Through my work, I want to give a real place to the wonderful of our environment, to those invisible people who are all around us and work silently. I want my art to be at the service of their beauty. May their magnificence appear before our eyes, on the walls of galleries, museums, businesses, salons, as works of art. So that we do not forget them anymore.

“It is by doing good that we destroy evil and not fight against it. The Dalai Lama

Ants in the storm – Oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm

Lake pike – Oil on canvas 50cm x 50cm

The caterpillar bridge – Oil on canvas 50cm x 50cm

Bee – Oil on canvas 150cm x 50cm

Butterfly on blueberry – 150cm on 50cm