Ambre Kalène C.V.

Born in Paris of a Swiss father and a Gypsy mother, both merchants and opposed to the artistic work.

1986 to 1990 :

  • She exhibited watercolors at the Trinité Gallery (Lyon – France). Her work is at first very figurative. What inspires her in this work is how flat and uniform paper is born, volume and light. These are often very worked details in the middle of the page. Then she begins to work watercolor on soggy papers fixed on a glass plate to keep them as long as possible wet. She gets misty landscapes of Dombes (submerged meadows near Lyon).

1990 :

  • Exhibition The Independent – Grand Palais Paris (France).

1992 to 1996 :

  • Various exhibitions with artists’ collectives.

1999 to 2001 :

  • Béziers (France) / Média Forum

  • Le Pouget (France) / Anim’Art

  • Bédarieux (France) / 1er Carrefour des Arts

  • Le Pouget, Pézernas…

July 12, 2006 to September 30, 2006 :

  • Hôtel Mövenpick / Genève (Suisse)