Actual work


Sphinx – oil on canvas 120 cm / 100 cm

3500,- €

What is most shocking, a woman in a burka or a naked cat?

This painting symbolizes the need of the human being to constrain. To constrain Nature, the environment, genes, women, etc.

This work speaks more precisely the constraint undergone by the woman.

This woman, her look, shouts “Help! “.

The naked, crumpled skin of the menacing cat recalls the naked, wrinkled skin of the man’s penis that constrains the woman.

The painting also talks about the rapes suffered by these women who join the jihadist camps.

The woman carries this cat on her lap, as she would with her child.

This male child who in turn will coerce women in the name of tradition.

At the bottom right of the painting, the landscape represents the Valley of the Kings, and refers to the perishable aspect of the human being, whether king or simple peasant. Whether one is king or vagabond, death will be at the end of the road. Why accept to impose such constraints, in the name of a dogma created by the human being itself?

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