Actual work

Rolling dung

Rolling dung – Oil on canvas 60cm x 80cm

1800,- €

The landscape of Italian Tuscany is arid, devoid of groves or majestic trees.

All this because the human has torn up all that bothered him to be able to cultivate large plots of land, on which he has sprayed, for decades, herbicides, pesticides, to ensure maximum yield.

By doing so, the farmer has impoverished and polluted the land. He also dried up this land. Because the absence of vegetation no longer allows the autumn and winter rains to settle in the ground. In spite of this, it will draw from the meager reserves of water to water its summer crops, aggravating the consequences of the climatic warming that it itself provoked.

The humble dungers are content to harvest a ball of dung and roll it to their burrow. The seeds contained in this ball will allow them to feed and thus survive.

The dung beetle did not seek to constrain Nature. He has adapted and knows how to survive thanks to what nature gives him.

Nature offers us gracefully treasures that should be enough for our survival.

By wanting to constrain it, decade after decade, we have created a life made of efforts thus destructive of life itself. Even as we lived in a generous Paradise.

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